self titled

by cvlt of grace



released February 7, 2012



all rights reserved


CVLT OF GRACE Pécs, Hungary

Three piece band from Pécs, Hungary

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Track Name: dream of hill
Chain yourself do a tree
make your dreams come true
to pick colorful flowers in the meadow
to see a white cloud in the blue sky

dig a huge ditch
lay down in and wait there
that your son could see the landscape at spring
that your daughter could hear the rustling trees
that your grandchild could smell the flowers
and she would take care of your grave proudly

save this land together!
keep it in the future!
let’s for it until the world stands!
to hear the word of the nature!
Track Name: valley of death
What kind of hope is feeding you?
this is the valley of death
can you see how pity was your plan
look at what is left
and why?
because for you have nothing enough
all you will die...
Track Name: i'm at home again
the door creaks open, time has stopped dead here
everything is like I left it here
nothing has changed
my room is empty, even full of memories.
you have become gray.
Years weigh down on your skin.
your skin...
I would run with you
Track Name: cvlt of grace - everyday life of a mother / part I.
your days go by slowly after sleepless nights
a monotonous buzzing
silence is the answer to your questions
never leave me...
Track Name: nowhere/nobody
I don't feel that I'm living
weekdays are strangling me
I'm breathing
give me air
so I can feel I'm a human
I'm collapsing under heavy weights
which slowly squeezes my soul out of me
my heart is a black forest
anger and sadness are my friends...