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Recorded by Samu Csernák, MuMaWi Sound
Mixed and Mastered by Haldor Grunberg, Satanic Audio


released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved


CVLT OF GRACE Pécs, Hungary

Three piece band from Pécs, Hungary

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Track Name: From Hell (Land of Anxiety)
Distressed and carries
All the burden on tired shoulders

Wreathes his weak
and trembling arms
around his children
like a shelter.

Looking back for the last time
with a packageful past on the back.

Becoming a comdemned captive
He wants to live. Outlive
Hatred in uniform
Apathy all around

Endless roads
Drawn borders
Blood and meat
From hatred to hatred
The end...is far away
Endless roads
Blood and meat.
Track Name: To Hell (Land of Ignorance)
It's not them who i fear
Them who became persecuted
So many who are forced to cover
themselves in blood.
Because of religious fanaticism
Whose children are decapitated
in the name of a god.

I'd rather give help and be glad
They're safe now
I try to cover my eyes
and not to see the shame.

I'm disgusted by you
by you who are spitting from the shelter
of your safe home every day.
By you who are roaming in the woods of hatred
with shackles on your feet
You're the slaves of your manipulated feelings

I wish you knew what is it
When your everydays becoming hell
I wish you had to runaway from the place
where everything is nice to you.
That you won't find your peace afterall.

I hope you smell the scent of your rotting corpse
with a rope around your neck.
Track Name: Dogfaced Children
Kids yowling dogfaced
born for being framed
Petshop children offence
Nursery's barbed wire fence

The wretched seeds only wretch
Dogcollar traces
Their only heritage
on their slaveish necks.

Slaps from faces
Osciallte to hands
and once again it smacks
Our generations' route heads
not even to nothingness

The only way to kill time is to
Turn our bloody selves into
Perfect food for maggots

When your son opens a leak on a head.
Maybe into yours with a nailed club
in his preatty hand than it occurs to you.
Track Name: Black Sack
Destroy, hide, suppressing
Place into sacks everything
Through the black plastic
Destroy, hide, suppressing.

You can't see any opinion
You can't see any critic
You can't see any opinion
You can't see...

Silence, get rid of everything
This is the essential strategy
Produce the industrial standards
That everything fit in

Placing the words
Placing the arts
Placing the thoughts
Placing the bodies

Drowing from the sack
Pulled on our head
Escape from the grid
Of to tear a hole in it
and scream through
This essential stategy
...Black sack.
Track Name: Stones and Knives
You spit words
Stone instead of spittle
Stone and knife

You spit sins and you punish those
Who have not even conceived
You spit out the stones, so...
Anyone can pick the up
Sins and punishments

A stone castle is built from your spits
Behind it's high walls.
Castle from stones
Money from castle
You sell the stones

In the pool of the spit sea
Dipped until your neck
You build a new world.

Racism is the method of capitalism
So sins can turn into money again.